Tools for Healing

The new consciousness is love. It is about understanding that our Creative Source is love and we are love.  It is about having a truly loving relationship with Source as well as with all other things in existence. It is about connecting to receive healing from the Source Of All That Is Love.

Truly life-changing; these materials will also open your heart and mind to becoming all that you were created to be!

Through her connection with Source, Christine M. Harrington empowers people to understand what this means and how we are all here to co-create it together now.  The following materials were received from Source to guide us as we move into the New Consciousnefss. They help us to connect with God in a true loving way that moves us out of old limiting belief systems and into what we are truly here to do at this time. We are here to help our Creative Source heal our world so it reflects the love that we are and that made us.

We were created out of love, to love and to be loved. This is the profound and absolute truth of existence. It is this truth that we must remember and base all action upon.

These materials guide us as we evolve into an understanding of love that leads to oneness with all things in existence.





The Time of Love (aka the new consciousness, etc.) is about healing our relationship with God and love


The Time of Love (aka the new consciousness, etc) is about oneness with all things in existence


Our Role in the New Consciousness

Our Role in the New Consciousness  1:50

Where Do I Begin?  2:52

Accelerated Healing in the New Consciousness Part 1/5  11.54

Accelerated Healing in the New Consciousness Part 2/5  13:14

Accelerated Healing in the New Consciousness Part 3/5  13:42

Accelerated Healing in the New Consciousness Part 4/5   12:40

Accelerated Healing in the New Consciousness Part 5/5  12:04

Healing for the Unified Mind (Nutrition and MORE)

 God is Love  10:52  – Understanding this is the first step in healing

Getting Rid of Fear  2:09

Law of Attraction: Fulfilling All of Your Needs 2:52

Everything is Healing 1:42

Nutrition for the New Consciousness 5:30

DNA, Energy Shifts – Our Evolution into Love

God, Love and the New Consciousness – Full Version   7:46

God, Love and the New Consciousness – Introductory Excerpt 2:16

God, Love and the New Consciousness – Excerpt 2:46

What is the New Consciousness? 3:36

What Are the Shifts?  3:40

DNA: Our Transformation into Love  31:31

The Laws of Love  9:49

The Birth of Love  10:48

Fulfilling Our Soul Purpose  7:28

DNA: Our Song of Love 7:18

DNA: The Song of Life  1:38

Your limitless Heart   0:59

Love Thy Clam  6:30

Love is the Law of Attraction 1:32

Choose Love 1:41

Evolving Into Love  3:10

Awareness In the New Consciousness  2:58

The Healing Walks

The Healing Walks:  Part One of a tutorial series on healing our world with God and love! Love is EASY!!

The Healing Walks: A Revisit Part Two and a revisit to a youth shelter that had a healing walk a year before – what has changed? Inspiring, uplifting….

The Healing Walks Scarborough Ontario Part Three of the tutorial series Changing ourselves and our world with LOVE….

The Healing Walks Queen St Toronto Ontario Part Four of the tutorial series, with apologies for the sound but it was live – the messages are worth it! The last minute and a half explain a lot!

Drive-by Healing

Storytelling/Book reading

Why Everything Happens  3:48

The Prayer of Bold Man 2:08

The Story of Day and Night 3:53

The Love Connection 4:02