What is The Time of Love?

All materials on this website are messages received directly from God by Christine, to aid us in healing and evolving into the Time of Love as a whole creation. We are love.

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God's answer:

The Time of Love is exactly that: it is the end of all that is not love.

Together with ME, you are co-creating the world in the way it was intended to be: Loving, truthful, eternal.

The Time of Love is the next phase of MY Creation’s evolution. It is about knowing who you truly are and why you exist. It is about becoming what you are made of.

The truth is, until now, you have simply been evolving the physical matter to contain all of the divinity that you truly are. You were created out of love; your purpose is to love and to be loved and that is the sole reason you exist. Love is what you are made of and are to be.

As this phase of your evolution unfolds, WE are co-creating the world you are meant to live in and closing the door on the present pain-filled world. WE are beginning the consciousness and DNA shifts needed to live in absolute peace and love and truth; in joy, abundance and full connection with ME, for I have created you to love and to be loved.

Everyone and everything is created from ME.  Across time, I have been called many things by many peoples (Great Spirit, Universe, God, Allah, Creator, Yahweh, Energy, etc., etc.)  in an attempt to define ME in terms they could comprehend.

It is time to understand that no matter what you call ME, I AM ONE AND I AM LOVE. It is this love that created you and it is this love that you are. Because this is what you are, you are finally ready to embrace an end to living in ways that do not express this truth.

You are ready to embrace an end to duality (non-love) and to live in a healed and unified world because you have evolved your physical matter to the point where you can now fully do so. You have the intellectual and emotional capacity and the physical ability to become what you were created from, here on earth. You are finally able to let the truth of your souls fully occupy the density of your physical matter. You are ready to become what you truly have always been in soul state, but be here in the physical dimensions.

In other words, you will be the love and truth of your soul and all it knows, while in your bodies – no longer separated. Unified as one with ME who made you in love.

The ancient Mayans predicted this phase of evolution to begin around 2012 AD and called it the Transformation of Consciousness. Receiving messages from ME, they spoke of the “undivided head” or non-dualistic thinking that would enable you to perceive creation only in terms of truth and love, as I do and as do you when you are in your soul state.

You were all created with two brain hemispheres – the left and the right. This dual brain is what has allowed the present illusion of divisiveness to exist in your world. An undivided mind only perceives the world in terms of the one-ness of MY truth and love. It enables you to begin to access the eternal consciousness of your souls fully at all times. It enables you to communicate with ME and receive MY absolute love at all times and in all ways.

Other cultures have also long predicted this time. Ancient Egyptians called it the Awakening and predicted it to occur any time after 2000 AD. North American Native cultures, Australian aborgines and African cultures are rife with references to “the Time of One-ness”, “the New World”, “the One World” and “the Time without Time”. The “Ascension of Man” was used by early biblical scholars as was the phrase the “New Age”. Many more such phrases exist.

This next phase of Creation’s evolution is now well underway. It is predicted to ripple around the world in less than a single generation. This phase of evolution – which WE call the Time of Love because it is about ending the duality of all things that are not love – is the ultimate in “your thoughts create your reality” because as your brains become wholly unified, you cease to be able to hold thoughts of division, of fear or hatred, of lies or lack.

You will see creation in the way I truly made it to be: a place of love and truth and peace.

Because your brains perceive the world to be so, that is the way the world will become.

You will become the whole beings of love and truth that you truly are and thus aid in changing  the world into what it was created to be for you all.

You will be the love and truth of your souls – the part of you that is MY pure love energy – while in physical form!

- Abridged from The Time of Love Retreat Manual Introduction