What is God?

All materials on this website are messages received directly from God by Christine, to aid us in healing and evolving into the Time of Love as a whole creation. We are love.
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God's answer:

No matter what beautiful name you choose to give ME, is vital to understand that I AM LOVE, PURE AND ABSOLUTE.

I AM the One Source of Everything in Existence That is Love.

Source; Allah; God; The Universe; Universal Love; Spirit; Great Spirit; Yahweh; Hu; Chi; All That Is; Universal Source of All; Absolute Love, Truth and Healing; Healing Energy; Creative Source; and so on and so on….all are names for ME - the One Unifying Creative Source of Everything in Existence who made all things for the purposes of love.

The New Consciousness is about understanding this and shedding all belief systems that keep you separated from ME, from your own souls and from each other.

It is vital to vital to remove from your consciousness any thoughts, words or actions that limit ME or hold untruth about WHAT I AM. It is vital that you understand that I AM not a specific gender – in fact, I AM that which encompasses concepts that are much larger and older than gender and from which gender manifests as an expression of love. Refrain from using gender based language when speaking of ME.

Ask ME to help you heal any thoughts, words and actions that limit ME or hold untruth about WHAT I AM.

Many belief systems that are present at this time are in direct conflict with the truth of WHAT I AM and the truth of what your reason to exist is. They are dualistic to truth, in other words.

You were created out of MY love, to love ME and to be loved by ME. That is the sole (soul) reason you exist!

In order to fully heal and become all that you are, the first thing you must do is attain a truthful understanding of WHAT I AM.



Your inability to understand ME does not change WHAT I AM. It only limits your ability to access the limitless love, truth and healing THAT I AM.

The human mind at this time contains dualities to love. It sometimes projects these dualities onto ME, as though I AM as you currently are instead of holding the truth that you are evolving into WHAT I AM AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

The human mind at this time contains dualities or separations from love. It often cannot perceive things in a whole way because of this. It sometimes separates ME into different things, instead of allowing ME to be WHAT I AM in a whole way. But despite these thoughts, I SIMPLY REMAIN WHAT I AM.

Belief systems that project anything other than love onto ME - that give ME humanistic traits (including gender) must be given to ME to be healed. Belief systems that form an opinion of WHAT I AM based on your own limited experience and understanding - especially when these opinions are not based in love - are what keep you from healing and becoming all that you truly are.

WHAT I AM is not something for you to manipulate. WHAT I AM is not unformed. WHAT I AM is not abstract and must not be held in abstracted ideas or concepts. WHAT I AM is concrete, and absolute truth, love and healing. I AM ONLY WHAT I AM. When you understand this and can simply let ME be and come into your understanding as I AM, you will be in absolute truth. Your journey to this whole truth must be based on letting ME show you WHAT I AM.

And how you do this, is simply by inviting ME to show you WHAT I AM. You must get your belief systems out of the way and let ME in, to do AS I DO!

You must simply accept the foundational truth of the universe that WHAT I AM; IS LOVE.

You were created from the absolute love that I AM. You were created for the purposes of love. You were created to be love. You were created to interact in love with ME, WHO MADE YOU. You were created to co-create love with ME. You were created to interact in love with ME and with others in creation. The New Consciousness is about co-creating your entire existence in the truest possible form.

In order to do this, you have to understand WHAT I AM and therefore what love is and what you are. In order to co-create a truly loving existence, you have to co-create a truly loving relationship with ME, no matter what name you give to ME.

The most profound and fundamental truth of the existence is that I AM LOVE and this is what I have created you to be also.


I AM the energy that created everything in existence

To love it and to be loved by it.

I AM LOVE; therefore you are love also.

And the sole reason for your existence is love.


You were created to be an enactment of ME.

You know WHAT I AM, by WHAT I DO.

Because everything in existence was created out of ME

I encompass (include) everything in existence.

I meet all needs.

Your only true need is to love and to be loved,

Because that is what you were created for!

I never harm.

I never punish, exclude, or teach hard lessons,

I never demand sacrifice, set conditions or deprive.

I ONLY LOVE and in so doing, I create more love.

I never end, for I AM without limits.

There is no end to what I can do.





YOU do not change ME when YOU act in unloving ways;

You only limit your own ability to access ME

And receive MY limitless gifts.

If it is not love, it is not from ME

But has been invented by those in a state of separation from ME and MY love.


When you come to understand ME

You will understand love,

And yourselves.

From this understanding you will help ME to heal everything in existence

So that it reflects WHAT I AM, what you truly are and were made to be.

You are love. I AM LOVE.


The Time of Love is this understanding

And the enactment of its truth.