I have been a story teller in all of my many lifetimes. One of the purposes of the website has been to have a place to share them with  as many people as I can!

Very often, I remember these stories as they were told when I travel to places I have lived before. I also often remember them in response to questions people ask me about the origins of traditions, beliefs, cultures and so on.

And of course, God is always giving me new stories to share, as a means of sharing love! For love is of the past, the present and the future... it is the purpose of our eternal evolution. It is who we are and what we are for.

Love simply is what love simply is. It is love.

This is a collection of true stories of love, healing and teaching from many times, cultures and locations all around our planet....Inspiring, beautifully told, and as relevant today as when they were first told; this is part of my contribution to helping with the restoration of the "cosmic memory" of who we all are.

Day and Night

An ancient tale that comes from China... this is a stirringly beautiful tale of how the entire universe is made of love, for love....

The River of Life

A beautiful story from Egypt, about how the earth replenishes itself. Hope and comfort for now, from an area of the earth that has held much human civilization and has healed and restored itself over and over again, across time.

Star Woman

This tale comes from the Southwestern United States

Two Great Birds

This is a parable I told to some people near the Grand Canyon.... a long time ago... remembered when I traveled there in March 2013

The Siege of Love

A romantic story from India, this one still exists in a slightly changed form to this day. It has a beautiful "Arabian Nights" feel for very good reason!

The Way of Love

A mystical tale from what is now Northern China... this predates Confucious