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“What is My Purpose?”

People ask me, “What is my purpose?”

And the message God gives me to share in answer is: “Your purpose is love.”

When we understand the enormity of what this means, our entire life changes because we are now in the flow of what soul is and what soul does and the entire point of our being.

Our purpose is love. Our purpose is to love. Our purpose is to be loved.

This means we can no longer go around spewing hate toward ourselves, towards others, towards the earth, towards God.

It means that we can no longer go around hating what we do. It means that we can no longer go around in our daily activities doing things that do not foster love, that do not bring about love for ourselves, for others, for our planet and for our Creative Source.

Until you understand that your purpose is love, you will wander aimlessly. You will not know what you are here to do or be. You will go from thing to thing, searching for something to guide you, something to tell you what to do.

And you will not find it until you understand the enormity of what it means that you and I and all other things in existence are made by God to love and to be loved and that is the sole reason we exist.

Our purpose is love. Because of this, we are unlimited in the ways we can express it. We can express it through any endeavor we seek to do. As long as it causes no harm, does not set conditions, does not deprive, punish, teach hard lessons or exclude the needs of any other living thing. All we have to do is be loving in our actions, thoughts and words. That is, our words, thoughts and actions have to do no harm to any thing in existence.

When we step into the understanding that our purpose is love, we step into the truth of our limitlessness.  God is love and we are love also. It is time to fulfill our purpose in every regard.

DNA – Evolving into Love

DNA is the blueprint for how energy becomes matter.  The original blueprint is the mapping of our evolution into love. As part of the time of love, our Creative Source is healing the DNA of all of creation, so that we can evolve out of duality (separation from love) and into the wholeness of love.

Here is a great video that covers some very basic tangents of how we heal – and harm – DNA and what we can actively do to co-create healing for all. This is what we are here to do, now.

The Foundation of All Healing

People ask me “If God is love, why do bad things happen in the world?”

Basically, all unloving things happen in our world for one of two reasons: 1) Everything in existence is in the process of evolving into love itself and/or 2) We cause them through unloving choices and/or a misunderstanding of what God and love are (as we evolve into love ourselves).

Let’s deal with number 1 first because it naturally leads us to 2. In a world that is evolving into love itself, we have to understand that the processes of the earth and all of its inhabitants are still in a state of duality (separation or division) from the wholeness of love. This means that, yes, sometimes the processes of our planet cause harm.

The most complex form of life on the earth (humankind) is responsible for the most complex damage. But this will change as we ourselves evolve into love and come to understand that the point of complex thought is to bring complex loving solutions to our complex problems! AND to evolve into love in more and more complex ways.

Everything in existence is evolving into love! How we evolve is by understanding the foundational truth of the universe:  God is love and we are made of God, therefore we are love also and our purpose is to love. When we make choices from this truth we avoid many unloving things that happen upon the earth. Staying in tune with Universal Truth (aka God) can lead us safely through many unloving events – including those caused by the earth’s processes themselves. It can guide us into making loving choices ourselves and it can keep us safe from the unloving choices of others.

But choosing love is about more than that, even. It is about understanding that we have to take responsibility for the fact that we have now made a world rife with toxins that affect everyone from the unborn child to the largest organism (our earth) – and to cease doing so, because continuing is harming all living things. It is about understanding that policies of greed, distribution of wealth and consumerism for the few have affected the quality of life of the many (including non-human forms) – and to change the habits and thoughts that allow this. It is about understanding that many of our unloving lifestyle choices have harmed the earth’s processes themselves, making them imbalanced and non-supportive of life. It is about taking responsibility for our own imprint upon the earth – and making it loving.

After all, we are here to be a part of a universe that is evolving into love. How we be a part of a universe evolving into love, is by being a part of a universe that is evolving into love.

With our thoughts. With our words. And with our actions.

When we grasp the foundational truth of the universe that God is love and stop blaming God for our choices and for natural law that governs how we evolve, we are one big step closer to our own evolutionary goal. When we work to be a part of the evolving, loving universe by engaging with God and everything else in existence with love, we transcend the laws that keep us in duality and move safely upon an earth that is still in the process of evolving into all that it has been made to be.

God is love. When we know this, we understand that God does not cause any of the “bad” things that happen. From this truth, we can work with God to heal it all. This is the beginning of all healing.

To the Point…. LOVE

We are here to think, do and be as one with our Creative Source in co-creating (making happen NOW) a world of love where love occurs for all things in existence. Not just humankind but all things in existence.

This is the “bottom line” of what the consciousness shift is about.

The consciousness shift is about moving into oneness in thought, word and action with our Creative Source AKA God, The Universe, Spirit, Creator, etc.,  where we are in union with the process called LOVE, in its most absolute and unconditional form….

2 Simple Steps to Carry Out Our Purpose of Love

Our purpose in this lifetime is to help God heal the collective energy of creation so that we can all evolve into the love consciousness we were created to be part of. This is the consciousness that is healing ourselves, our world and beyond.

All things in existence are engaged in a process of healing that is unfolding rapidly, heading toward “tipping point” where all in existence will come to understand – and be – what we are.

We are love. We are part of a universe whose consciousness is love and whose purpose is love. We are all in the process of fulfilling that purpose. Our role is to actively engage in the fulfillment.

As the part of creation known as humankind, there are a number of things we are asked by God to do to mindfully contribute our loving participation to the process that has been unfolding since the moment of the “big bang”.

First and foremost, we are asked to form the energetic intention to be part of the process, instead of interfering with it. We do this by forming the intention with our thoughts, words and actions.

God is absolute love, truth and healing. The highest intention we can have is to be a vessel of God’s absolute love to all things.

By using our words, thoughts and actions to focus on this intention, we change our own energy fields and that of all of creation. All we have to do is generate the energy by thinking it, saying it,  and doing it (being it) – it moves from thought into action through our engagement with it (from energy into actual formation).

Our thoughts, words and actions have to reflect the truth that God is absolute love, truth and healing….  Therefore our only prayer/meditation/mantra has to be one that knows this and allows it to be. Something  simple such as: “God heal us all and fill us with your absolute love, truth and healing” works beautifully because it allows God the space to be God. It acknowledges that God is infinite enough to heal all things.  It acknowledges the truth that God is only love, truth and healing and therefore can only bring love, truth and healing about. This truth is vital for us to hold in order to bring our lives into alignment with the purpose we were created for.

Next, we are asked to match our actions to our words by actively engaging in carrying out love in everything we do.

Given that all things are energy and that we are here to grow our energy into the formation of love,  we can no longer hold unloving thoughts, speak unloving words,  or carry out unloving actions.  These things interfere with the growth of the energy of love and slow down the formation of a world based on love. They hold us back, as individuals, and as part of the collective energy field. In other words, the failure to act lovingly is what currently keeps humankind “out of the loop” with what the rest of the universe is doing. It is growing into love, with God.


All of Life is Sacred

The truth is that all of life is sacred. We are not body and soul. We are soul through and through – our bodies are just the densest part of all of that divine energy.

The truth is that all of life is sacred if we give it that purpose. Spiritual “practices” involving limited activities and times is not what it is about. We are here to bring love and God into everything we do so that all of our existence and all things within it express the truth that we are soul and soul is love because soul is God. We are here to help God co-create a world of love and safety for all things in existence, where all get their needs met and nothing is harmed through our thoughts, words and actions.

Everything is energy. In its original form, this energy is God – therefore it is absolute love, truth and healing. Whenever we have acted in ways that are not loving, truthful or healing, we have altered the energy of all of creation. It is this alteration that makes it appear as though things other than love exist.

But they do not. Things that are not love are only false constructs of our minds and energy – we make them whenever we make anything but love!

Just as easily as we have made a world that does not reflect the sacredness of love; we can help make one that does. All we have to do is change our minds. All we have to do is think love, speak love, do love in union with God – the Source of All That is Love. It begins with a simple thought – the foundational truth of the universe: “God is love and I am made of God, therefore I am love also and I must love.”

When we hold this thought and let it be the basis of our words and actions, we grow the energy of absolute love, truth and healing within our own energy fields. We become sacred embodiments of what we were created to be. And we help everything else in creation move into embodying sacred love also.

It begins with thinking that simple, foundational truth and expands into carrying out activities of love in connection with God as the Source of All That is Love, in everything we do. We grow the energy of our connection to love, truth and healing by asking God to fill us all with God’s healing. The more we ask this, the faster the energy around us changes into what it is meant to be because we are putting our energy into the change. Because energy is what forms our lives and our world; our mindful intention is vital. When we put our energy into love, love is what we become.

The more we grow this energy through mindfully engaging with God and love, the more our lives change and the more the world around us changes also. It is happening now. Everywhere people are moving into union with God and the sacredness of life. They are rejecting unloving things and seeking loving solutions. They are rejecting the thought constructs that have made a world that does not serve love and they are helping to grow a world that does. Many are doing so in an unaware way – and yet it unfolds because the truth is: we are love and we are here to co-create a world that reflects this.

Amazing changes are happening in our world now! When we become aware that this is what we are here to do, imagine how much faster loving change will come about.

We are the solution because we are God’s love, sacred and embodied.

Make Room for Miracles of Love

We are experiencing ever increasing healing shifts as an entire creation. These shifts are moving us more and more into the energy of love, as a whole.

We are love. Our Creative Source is love. All across our evolution, every time we have engaged in co-creating love with one another and with God, we have evolved.

Wherever we have acted in unloving ways, we have slowed down our evolution into the wholeness of what we are.

I have relayed this message from God before, but now God is asking me to add more to it.

We have just emerged from the time of the most unloving energy we have experienced in our entire existence. This time, recently past, is still releasing its effects, still unwinding, still being healed in the collective energy field by God. During this time, we experienced the most separation from God, love and truth that it has been possible for us to experience, ever. The energy of this was so intense that for the last short period of time, we were actually devolving, for the first time ever in our existence!

It is now time to help God to heal this all. And how we heal it is by moving more and more into the energy of love in all that we do. We do it by connecting more with God and growing our loving relationship with our Creative Source. We do it by understanding, above all things that the ONE foundational truth of the Universe is: God is love and so are we, for we are made of God.

And acting upon this truth. Toward ourselves. Toward one another. And toward God.

God is love and so are we, for we are made of God. Any time we have had beliefs that do not match this truth, we have generated energy that disrupts our own evolution. Any time we have had the erroneous belief that we can do anything other than love, we have generated energy that has slowed our evolution. Sometimes such erroneous beliefs have slowed the evolution of other things in existence (other people, animals, the earth itself). We are here to heal all of this, now.

One of the most untruthful beliefs it is possible to hold is atheism. Another is the untruthful belief that God is anything other than love…. when people hold these beliefs the energy generated from them forms bizarre distortions in the collective energy field that contort human reason and disrupt evolution.

It is time for us to understand the difference between fear-based, hate-based dogma invented by fellow humankind and the truth that God is love. It is time for us to cease holding untruthful beliefs about God – and therefore about ourselves – and start operating in truth and love for all, as made by God.

The foundation of truth is simple: God is love. Three words that have the power to change the world we have constructed. All we have to do is hold them, think them, say them and act upon them.

In the time of the most separation from God, love and truth that we have ever experienced, we have invented things that operate on lies and hate; that cause harm to other parts of creation; that separate and divide and conquer. We have constructed these things in the time of the most separation from God we have ever experienced. We have the responsibility to heal this now. Healing begins with holding the truth that God is love.

Give God room to be God and you will experience God. Simply ask God to fill you and everything around you with God’s love, truth and healing. Do this over and over and over and you will be actively generating the energy of truth and love in your own energy field. This will change your life and the lives of others. Just give God room to be God. God is love and love in its most unconditional healing form is what you will experience. God is love and this is all God can be. When we ask God to show us God and give room for God to do God’s work, we will experience miracles of love.

Thinking with your heart

What does thinking with your heart mean? It means taking the precepts of love and applying them, step by step, to the problem/situation you have and making all decisions from that.

When we begin with love, true logic can follow.

 This is the kind of logic that co-creates sustainable things, things without a cost or harm to other living things. (Love includes everything in existence and never harms).

This is the kind of logic that co-creates encompassing solutions that do not lead to other problems.

This is the kind of logic that brings about even more good things than were initially expected. (Love only loves and in so doing, creates more love.)

When we apply the precepts of love to our problems, we begin by deciding that above all things, we will actively choose love because it is what we truly are and were made to be.

 True logic, from the heart, knows that there is no other choice.

Then we apply the precepts (or behaviors) of love to the problem.

We know, first of all, that our solution has to meet the needs of everyone and everything affected by the problem. We are not in conflict! We are in the unity of love.

 So we know that our solution must cause no harm. It cannot deprive anyone of anything. It cannot be conditional. It cannot cause someone to give something up that they need and love. It has to include all needs (our only true need is to love and to be loved) in its scope in order for it to be the true logical solution.

At this time, there are many problems we do not have the truly loving solution for. But if we begin by determining that we will only choose things based on love and if we focus on asking God (who is All That is Love) to heal us and guide us in co-creating true solutions, we will find that this becomes less and less so in our lives. If we choose as lovingly as possible in the timeframe in which we exist and seek to be part of co-creating more love in the world through these choices, we will help it all to change and become what it was made to be. A world of love for all that exists.


Why Everything Happens

This is a fun video talking about the book Why Everything Happens which is available on my website. It is all about understanding how to apply love to the quantum laws of existence to co-create. We are here to co-create love and this is a great primer for understanding the basics of how to make sense out of what seems like nonsensical events.

Love is the Process

Recently while facilitating a workshop on healing our relationship with God and love as the foundation of the next phase of our evolution, I was asked this question:

“If God can heal all things, why does God need us to help?”

I sat for a few moments, as always I do, asking God to give me true messages to share in answer and these are the words that came to be spoken:

God IS healing all things at this time. The simpler things in the Universe are getting healed first and they are helping God to bring more healing about….it is taking longer for this healing to come to the more complex parts of creation. Humankind is the most complex part of creation and humankind causes the most problems for the rest of creation at this time (due to the effects of the law of duality, etc.)

In other words, God IS healing all things. It is happening. It is not dependent on us helping.

HOWEVER, healing will come about faster for all things in existence if we do help. It will come about faster for all things in existence, including ourselves, if we stop getting in the way of it.

God is asking us to get in the game plan and join in. God is asking us to not continue to be in the way.

The analogy that came to me at the workshop was this: “You can be diligently cleaning your house but if your unruly kids are running around messing it up and wrecking it, it takes longer. You will eventually get the house clean but it may take a long time.”

It is very important for humankind to understand that there is a process unfolding throughout the universe. The universe itself is actively engaged in it. The earth itself is actively engaged in it. Other life forms are actively engaged in it. The process is that of coming into the balance and activity of love. We are simply being asked to step into the process now, actively, with awareness – and help co-create love for all living things as fast as we can.

Every thought, every word, every action we take matters. Every moment, every choice. At every moment, we have this simple thing to ask ourselves, “Is what I am doing based on love or not?” If not, we must stop doing it. We must choose actively and with awareness to engage all of our energy on love and connection with God as the Source of All That Is Love.

We are here to become part of the inevitable, universal process of love, now.