“What is My Purpose?”

People ask me, "What is my purpose?"

And the message God gives me to share in answer is: "Your purpose is love."

When we understand the enormity of what this means, our entire life changes because we are now in the flow of what soul is and what soul does and the entire point of our being.

Our purpose is love. Our purpose is to love. Our purpose is to be loved.

This means we can no longer go around spewing hate toward ourselves, towards others, towards the earth, towards God.

It means that we can no longer go around hating what we do. It means that we can no longer go around in our daily activities doing things that do not foster love, that do not bring about love for ourselves, for others, for our planet and for our Creative Source.

Until you understand that your purpose is love, you will wander aimlessly. You will not know what you are here to do or be. You will go from thing to thing, searching for something to guide you, something to tell you what to do.

And you will not find it until you understand the enormity of what it means that you and I and all other things in existence are made by God to love and to be loved and that is the sole reason we exist.

Our purpose is love. Because of this, we are unlimited in the ways we can express it. We can express it through any endeavor we seek to do. As long as it causes no harm, does not set conditions, does not deprive, punish, teach hard lessons or exclude the needs of any other living thing. All we have to do is be loving in our actions, thoughts and words. That is, our words, thoughts and actions have to do no harm to any thing in existence.

When we step into the understanding that our purpose is love, we step into the truth of our limitlessness.  God is love and we are love also. It is time to fulfill our purpose in every regard.

DNA – Evolving into Love

DNA is the blueprint for how energy becomes matter.  The original blueprint is the mapping of our evolution into love. As part of the time of love, our Creative Source is healing the DNA of all of creation, so that we can evolve out of duality (separation from love) and into the wholeness of love.

Here is a great video that covers some very basic tangents of how we heal - and harm - DNA and what we can actively do to co-create healing for all. This is what we are here to do, now.

The Foundation of All Healing

People ask me “If God is love, why do bad things happen in the world?”

Basically, all unloving things happen in our world for one of two reasons: 1) Everything in existence is in the process of evolving into love itself and/or 2) We cause them through unloving choices and/or a misunderstanding of what God and love are (as we evolve into love ourselves).

Let’s deal with number 1 first because it naturally leads us to 2. In a world that is evolving into love itself, we have to understand that the processes of the earth and all of its inhabitants are still in a state of duality (separation or division) from the wholeness of love. This means that, yes, sometimes the processes of our planet cause harm.

The most complex form of life on the earth (humankind) is responsible for the most complex damage. But this will change as we ourselves evolve into love and come to understand that the point of complex thought is to bring complex loving solutions to our complex problems! AND to evolve into love in more and more complex ways.

Everything in existence is evolving into love! How we evolve is by understanding the foundational truth of the universe:  God is love and we are made of God, therefore we are love also and our purpose is to love. When we make choices from this truth we avoid many unloving things that happen upon the earth. Staying in tune with Universal Truth (aka God) can lead us safely through many unloving events – including those caused by the earth’s processes themselves. It can guide us into making loving choices ourselves and it can keep us safe from the unloving choices of others.

But choosing love is about more than that, even. It is about understanding that we have to take responsibility for the fact that we have now made a world rife with toxins that affect everyone from the unborn child to the largest organism (our earth) - and to cease doing so, because continuing is harming all living things. It is about understanding that policies of greed, distribution of wealth and consumerism for the few have affected the quality of life of the many (including non-human forms) – and to change the habits and thoughts that allow this. It is about understanding that many of our unloving lifestyle choices have harmed the earth’s processes themselves, making them imbalanced and non-supportive of life. It is about taking responsibility for our own imprint upon the earth - and making it loving.

After all, we are here to be a part of a universe that is evolving into love. How we be a part of a universe evolving into love, is by being a part of a universe that is evolving into love.

With our thoughts. With our words. And with our actions.

When we grasp the foundational truth of the universe that God is love and stop blaming God for our choices and for natural law that governs how we evolve, we are one big step closer to our own evolutionary goal. When we work to be a part of the evolving, loving universe by engaging with God and everything else in existence with love, we transcend the laws that keep us in duality and move safely upon an earth that is still in the process of evolving into all that it has been made to be.

God is love. When we know this, we understand that God does not cause any of the “bad” things that happen. From this truth, we can work with God to heal it all. This is the beginning of all healing.

To the Point…. LOVE

We are here to think, do and be as one with our Creative Source in co-creating (making happen NOW) a world of love where love occurs for all things in existence. Not just humankind but all things in existence.

This is the "bottom line" of what the consciousness shift is about.

The consciousness shift is about moving into oneness in thought, word and action with our Creative Source AKA God, The Universe, Spirit, Creator, etc.,  where we are in union with the process called LOVE, in its most absolute and unconditional form....