The Energy Field is Absolute Love


What is the "cosmic energy field"?

God's Answer:

Energy field. Matrix. Veil. Grid. Collective consciousness. These are some of the names used to describe the energy that connects US all as one living thing.

In its original state, because this energy is MY LOVE, this energy was only absolute love. But the effects of duality on this energy as well as the other "laws' that govern existence, have caused it to become very dualistic as well. That is, it contains the energy of things that are not love as well as the energy that is love.

Over the course of your evolution, much has happened to shift the balance in the energy field in both positive (loving) directions and negative (non-loving) directions. The more you act in loving ways, the greater the positive effect on the energy field of all of creation. The more you act in non-loving ways, the greater the negative effect on the energy field of all of creation. Your task has always been to keep more positive (loving) energy present in the energy field so that it can propel all forward into the Time of Love, when duality itself will no longer make it seem as though you are separated from ME and from the rest of creation. In this, WE have been successful! Otherwise, WE would not be at this stage of your evolution.

The Time of Love takes it all one step further. For the first time since you were created, WE are unifying the cosmic energy field into absolute, pure love.

This process has just begun, for the Time of Love has only just started. As it grows, it will gain momentum, taking more and more of creation with it into your next phase of evolution - a phase without separation, where all will exist in love. This will change the entire Universe you live in. It will shift your world and all within it. Even those who seem utterly disconnected from love and its actions, will come along. There will be no choice, for you are all one being, made of MY love.

At this time WE are working to achieve the state known as "critical mass" where enough of the energy of the Time of Love is present in the cosmic energy field that it is self-sustaining and the "domino effect" occurs. This is when the energetic presence of OUR love will outweigh the energetic presence of its dualities with enough force for the energy field to become "self-unifying".

Your task throughout your evolution - and it is just as important today - has been to project as much loving energy into the cosmic energy field through your thoughts and actions as possible thereby shifting all ahead to the Time of Love.

At the same time, the negative energies the energy field contains have often been able to affect large portions of creation in negative ways. A simple examination of societal belief systems is an examination of the energy field in action. For example: the present "collective consciousness" of North American culture is one that is very consumption focused. This consumption focus has escalated to out of control proportions, and it is occurring in a way that exploits others to feed it. It clearly is not based on the energy of love that meets the needs of all. But it is difficult to break out of the mindset of over-consumption and be happy with less - many do not even see how they are being driven to consume things they do not need and that do not enrich their lives but drag them down into a spiral of stress and debt. It is like they cannot think of any alternative or are unaware that alternatives exist.

This is the cosmic energy field or the collective consciousness in action in a very negative way. Imagine all of that energy being shifted into that of love! What a big difference that would make in your world. Now think of all of the negative belief systems there are out there that run your thinking and hence your lives. Right now, the negative energy of illness is a big influence in the cosmic energy field. It has proceeded to the point where you expect illness to happen and much of your language reflects this. Think of society-wide negative stereotypes about genders or cultural groups. There are so many of these types of examples where the thought energy becomes self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. What if all that energy were to turn positive and loving? What a force that would be!

This is what is happening with the energy of the Time of Love. I AM shifting the energy field of each and every living thing, as part of the cosmic energy field, into its pure and non-dualistic state. This allows you to break out of the negative spin of the dualistic aspects of the energy field, and into a way of thinking that differs from it. In this way, you can then shift to affecting it with the loving choices your unifying brains are capable of producing in true co-creation with ME. WE are able to pour more of the energy of love into the whole of creation and help it to shift in very tangible ways. And not be "caught up" in the negative and unable to separate yourselves from it, as is currently the case for much of creation.

As more of these shifts happen, more and more of you become aware of what your role is in helping ME bring about the Time of Love.

As the Time of Love has approached, the law of duality has dictated that the more the energy of love has become present, the more the energy of the things that are dual to it have become present. Certainly negative events within creation seem to have accelerated in the past 2000 years or so. However, it is becoming apparent that something else is at work, gaining the upper hand and moving creation out of this duality and into a state of balance and harmony. The current human invented systems on which your world is based cannot be sustained - only love is truly sustainable and all that is created without love cannot stand the test of time. It becomes corrupted.

The Time of Love is about becoming what you were truly created to be. It is about a creation capable of understanding how to meet the needs of all and that all are one with ME. The cosmic energy field that unites US will become a tool of propelling you all forward in this time, for it has always been a tool of the evolution that has brought you to this point. The way in which advances in consciousness have spread throughout your evolution is largely due to the connection WE share via the energy field. WE are one energy, one essence, one being, even as you are all unique individuals. There is no part of the creation that is unnecessary or unequal; without every part of it, the rest would not be what it is. Your ability to affect one another in loving ways or in unloving ways is as simple as the moment by moment choices you make. The ways in which these choices, which you sometimes think you make in isolation, can affect everyone else in the creation is beyond your own consciousness's limited ability to understand. The Time of Love is about evolving your consciousness - on a personal level and on a cosmic one - so that it can understand this and can only make choices from absolute love that meet the needs of all. The Time of Love is about evolving your consciousness to be one with ME.

No more duality in the cosmic energy field. Only whole, true, loving beings interacting in whole, true, loving ways with one another and with ME. For each and every one of you the truth of what you are to do at this time in your evolution has come with you into this lifetime. You are seeing the effects of it upon the collective consciousness already, through phrases that have become common place like 'the age of Aquarius' or the "transformation' and so on. The awareness of DNA and how I AM healing it is also growing and spreading into common language. Much of the understanding of what is happening is coming to you through the energy of duality in disconnected pieces, but it is coming and it is growing. Like the spread of the technology of fire almost 1.7 million years ago, it will keep going until it reaches all and all are consumed by love.

Just who is unifying the cosmic energy field? Why it is you together with ME! For those of you who are putting together the truths needed to help the Time of Love accelerate, this is soul satisfying work for it is the fulfillment of everything you have been created to be. All of your evolution has been about proceeding to this point in time, when the world can change into what it was created to be. In effect, everything that you have ever done that is loving in nature has brought you here, now. Without what came before, it would not be this time in your evolution. Whether you have been aware of it or not, all of creation as a single being has been evolving toward this time ever since you were created.

The shifting of the cosmic energy field itself, as it becomes absolute love, is what is causing all of the disruptions and turbulence that is occurring in your world right now. As duality falls away, all that exists in duality will fall away with it. Already, many people are focusing their own personal energy on creating new societal structures based on love and on truth - they know that this is the only sustainable way to proceed. Old societal structures based on greed and untruth, war and fear, are now struggling. Their time is over. The world is proceeding into love and structures that support "there is enough for all without harm to any" are the ones that are in alignment with the new energy.

You can help to shift the cosmic energy field into absolute love for the Time of Love by joining in with ME for there are things you know and have promised to do as part of it. Engage in a relationship with ME that is based on the truth that I AM LOVE and that I can heal all that needs healing. Actively ask ME to heal all of creation, including yourself.  Break away from the present fear-based collective consciousness and project as much love as you can into the cosmic energy field and your own "portion" of it, through your thoughts and actions. There are also many resources, on this website and in other places, to help US do what we are here to do now.It is the Time of Love. WE are here now, to change all energy in  existence back into what I made it to be.