Christine M Harrington receives messages from Source (God, Great Spirit, Creator, Universal Love...whatever name you like to use for the Source of All That is Love) about love, truth, healing and the new consciousness shift aka The Time of Love. This website has been co-created to share these messages as tools for applying love to heal our lives and everything in existence as we move forward into the Time of Love.

The questions in this section come from Christine, from workshop participants, audience members, emails,  letters, sessions and conversations.

Co-Creation is Love

LOVE’s the Solution. What’s the Problem?

The Nurturance of LOVE

Everything is Love

The Energy of LOVE…Shared….



Connecting to the Divine Intelligence of Love

Consciousness is LOVE

Cosmic Truth

What's In A Name?

Evolving Love: The Purpose of Reincarnation

Food for Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

Love Is In the World But Not Of It

Shifting the Energy Field Into Absolute Love

Dimensions and Laws "Made Easy"

The Energy Field is Absolute Love

The Equality of Love

The Soul's Desire

The Soul's Promise

Transcending What Separates Us

True Co-creation

Tune Into Love

The Most Basic Needs of the Brain and Body